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Our company was established in 1989-90. Our name (PEIBA) is based on the initials of the family name of the founding members. At the beginning we operated as an Austrian-Hungarian company. We had oil producing pumpkin seeds produced and bought for our Austrian partner. In 1992, we started to market our Austrian partner’s oil products in Hungary. The FRIOLA brand soon became well-known in our region, because even though the price was higher than the nationally- produced oils, the quality was much better. In 1996, we separated from our Austrian partners, and changed to a pure Hungarian-owned family business. We searched for new suppliers, and we established contact with Western Europe's largest manufacturer. Since then, we have imported different oils from Belgium and Germany. They are delivered by us to hotels and restaurants, food manufacturers and wholesale companies .  
Recently we have taken an active role in the introduction, production and distribution of pumpkin seed oil on the hungarian market.

Nemesvamos, 2013.